Memorial Day in the USA

Let us remember and honor all who serve a higher good than their own comfort and fulfillment.

This is Memorial Day weekend for us in the U.S., but may our memory serve us well when the calendar does not. Let us never forget when uncommon valor becomes a common virtue and those who shirk not their duty, nor shrink from their sacrifice leave their families bereaved. May God bless all who have bravely and knowingly walked into the “valley of the shadow of death” but have never returned, freeing others to pass by unharmed. May they rest forever in our hallowed memories of the price of peace with liberty. May God bless the families who will always suffer without them. And, may God bless those who have returned but not without cost and their families who suffer with them.

The American ideal of individual liberty and responsibility is not much in vogue these days, but in the end, may be the only principle worth a national sacrifice of blood.  May the dishonor of those who would compel the ultimate sacrifice from others for any lessor reason be as acute and lasting as the depth of their betrayal and the resulting waste and ruin of lives.

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