How I Can Help

Organizational Perspective:  Design; competencies; behavior/culture; processes

I can assist you in answering these questions:

  • Do inventory planners understand the key tradeoffs and their impact?
  • Do forecasters understand how to blend quantitative and qualitative data and collaborate with stakeholders to manage demand?
  • Do managers understand now to organize and motivate for results?  Do they know how to plan out interactions that raise performance and enhance morale?
  • Do executives know how to instill loyalty and drive dedication?  Are there immediate opportunities to improve?
  • Are functional areas driven by dysfunctional, opposing metrics?  How should they be aligned?

Insight – Data-driven evaluation of cause and effect, particularly at the process level (both execution and decision processes); development of analytical tools to help people think more effectively and execute more efficiently.

I can help you understand these issues:

  • Hidden costs of proliferating product lines
  • The nature of uncertainty in the forecast/demand plan
  • Opportunities for improved scheduling and the ROI
  • What timely, user or manager level data can enable better decisions with or without new software
  • What kinds of low-cost analytical tools can improve purchasing and inventory performance
  • How much of your business is unprofitable and what to do about it

Execution – With faster and better decisions and plans, improve and enable execution processes to add the most value with the least effort.

Creating a better process takes more than following a methodology.  It takes perspective and insight as well as sensible structure.  Many times a “blank sheet of paper” can uncover opportunities that are missed when teams are too close to the weeds.

I can help you address with these challenges:

  • Navigating the opportunities and risks in attacking roadblocks to leaner execution
  • Determining where an analysis of process variation will yield opportunities to control it and where it will limit creativity and initiative

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