Finding Value in Your Value Network

This is the second week that a piece that I wrote with my good friend and long time manufacturing executive, Mike Okey, is featured in Supply Chain Digest.  We have created an approach for prioritizing and guiding process improvement efforts that we think is straightforward and ties directly to the value of the enterprise.  Mike and I spent a great deal of time working on this concept, and we believe it is not only applicable in manufacturing but that it can also be easily adapted to service industries.  As a consequence, for this Supply Chain Action, I’m simply going to leave you with a link to the complete article.  Please have a look.  I hope that you find it useful.  Mike and I would welcome your feedback.

You can find the entire text of the paper here:

You can find the link to Part 1 of the article in Supply Chain Digest here:

The link to Part 2 is here:

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Industry, software, and consulting background. I help companies do the things about which I write. If you think it might make sense to explore one of these topics for your organization, I would be delighted to hear from you. I am solely responsible for the content in Supply Chain Action.

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